Reminders / Notification to ALL Tenants / Customers

To those of you that already do the following, thanks so much! It’s greatly appreciated.

  1. Change filters on heating and air conditioning at least every 30 days. This is required as per your Lease/Rental Agreement. We plan to start doing spot checks. It’s very easy to tell if filter is not being changed regularly. This can result in a charge to tenants because of wear and tear on the unit.
  2. Clean ceiling fan blades regularly (at least once a month).
  3. Absolutely NO Trampolines or Swimming Pools allowed.
  4. Change batteries in Smoke Detectors as needed, or at least once yearly.
  5. Keep lawn cut and weed-eating done. Grass needs to be cut before reaching 8″ unless we are having continual days of rain that prevent cutting. If that is the case, it should be cut as soon as it’s dry enough.
  6. It’s also the tenant’s responsibility (except at our apartments) to take care of all lawn care, including raking of leaves.
  7. When cutting around outside HVAC (heating & a/c unit), be sure grass is being blown away from the unit to prevent clogging the fins which can cause the unit to not work properly and result in high electrical bill and damage the compressor. When weed-eating, be sure the weed-eater does not hit / contact the unit. Damage caused by either of these will result in charge to tenant.
  8. If there is a white PVC pipe in your yard, do not damage it with mower, car, etc. It’s the plumbing clean-out. They are expensive to repair / replace. Whether you cut your own grass or you have someone that cuts it for you, it’s your responsibility to be sure this is not damaged.
  9. Porches, decks, under decks, and lawns are to be free of trash, clutter, etc.
  10. Crawl space door is to be kept closed at all times to prevent animal / rodent entry.
  11. When repairs are needed, call us and also fill out the  form at the following link: Repair Request Form (Tenant)
  12. If you have an emergency such as water leaking into the floor, fire, electrical hazard, etc., please call us immediately. If we do not answer, please leave us a message and call the emergency number at the end of our voice mail greeting. If it’s an urgent emergency such as a fire, something that puts you in danger, etc. call 911.
    Note: If you do not know where your water cut offs are, please email us and we will get that info to you. That way you would be able to turn water off immediately.
  13. When planning to move, please fill out and submit the following form: Moving Notification
  14. Most of the info we send out is emailed, so it is required that you notify us in writing of changes to your contact information, such as email address, phone number, and work number. Please fill out the form found on this link: Tenant Update Info Form